Puppy / Dog application

All puppies are sold with a CKC non-breeding contract that includes a health warranty. They are sold 3000$, are micro chipped, have received their first vaccine shots, are dewormed and have been cleared by a cardiologist just before they leave us.

First and Last name :

Please provide your complete address :

Please provide your email address :

Please list a telephone number where you can be reached :

______________About you and your family______________

How many adults including you live at your current residence?

How many children reside at your current residence? Please list the ages of all your children :

Does anyone in the household have any allergies to dogs ?

Do all members of the family want to get a Newfoundland?

If someone in the household is to become allergic to your animal, what would you do?


Which answer best describes your residence location?

Are you a homeowner ?

Are you a student?

Regarding your residence, please indicate current containment situation

Regarding swimming pools, my residence has :
No PoolPool / fencedPool / unfenced

On average how many hours per day will your Newfoundland be required to be left home alone?

I want a dog

How much time in a regular day can you allow for your dog to exercize?

I am familiar with and am willing to use a dog kennel (crate), to aid in housebreaking and training my dog - as well as to provide him with his own safe/secure place when he cannot be directly supervised.
YesNoI will research this

When I/we go away on vacation, our dog would be looked after by:

What level of energy do you expect from your dog?

A Newfoundland can live up to 10 or even 14 years. Are you committed to keep your dog for it's entire life?

If for any reason you could not keep your Newfoundland at any point during it's lifetime, would you be willing to return him/her to us to find a new suitable home?

___________Previous/current pet ownership____________

If you "currently" own any pets, please describe species, breed, age, gender and if spayed or neutered in the space below. If no pets, enter N/A

Please list any "previous" pets you have owned, their species/breed/type. Why is your pet no longer with you? If you have never owned a pet below, please enter N/A.

Have you ever raised a litter of puppies or kittens or kittens or been involved in any kind of animal breeding? If yes, give details.

______________Regarding Newfoundlands______________

I have researched the Newfoundland breed and feel it would be an excellent choice for me/my family

Why have you decided to get a Newfoundland?

Does drool annoy you ?

What time frame are you looking to obtain a Newfoundland ?

Regarding gender, I am seeking:

Do you have any objection to spaying/neutering your Newfoundland between 1 and 2 year old?
NoYes, I want to breed my Newfoundland

In terms of grooming, I have time to groom my Newfoundland

Will you provide a safe and clean housing for the dog and make sure he has access to fresh water at any time?

Are you willing to stay in contact with the breeder and give him occasional updates about the dog?

What is according to you amount needed for the proper maintenance of the dog ( yearly visit to the vet, shots, food)? Do you have a rough monthly estimate?

General comments box. Please use this space to add your comments and any questions you might have for us.

That's it! We'll get back to you shortly. If you do not receive a response within 4 days please drop us an email at info@arcadianewfs.com . Thank you !