Cassie x Solo

Litter born November 24, 2021 ( 3 males and 5 females )

Litter theme : Mythical flying creature











On cloud nine de l'arche des pierres dorées - Cassie


Cassie loves to be in the water and she is a very good swimmer. Affectionate, she is always ready for a hug. She is a sweet girl and very easy going. Cassie has 4 points toward her conformation championship.

OFA CHIC: 149136
OFA Hips :Fair #NF-13252F24F-VPI
OFA Elbows : Normal #NF-EL6717F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac : Normal / Cardiologist #NF-ACA448/14F-VPI
OFA Patella : Normal #NF-PA2689/12F/P-VPI
OFA Eyes : Normal #NF-EYE402/16F-VPI
OFA Thyroid : Normal #NF-TH1045/24F-VPI
OFA Cystinuria : Clear #NF-CY1964/22F-P
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Can Ch TDCH Longship's Destined to be Unique HIT CD WRD CGN / Am. CD - Solo

This is Solo, my four-legged furry love! His only goal : to please me!
Solo has a perfect temperament : he’s calm, sensitive, sweet but can deliver a burst of energy when necessary (like in obedience). Solo has many titles : obedience, conformation, water rescue dog and trick dog champion.

OFA CHIC : 113629
OFA Hips: Good #NF-12165G24M-VPI
OFA Elbows: Normal #NF-EL5684M24-VPI
OFA Patella : Normal # NF-PA2009/15M/P-VPI
OFA Eyes: Normal # NF-EYE149/ 10M-VPI
OFA Cardiac : Normal - Cardiologist # NF-CA5235/16M/C-VPI
OFA Thyroid : Normal # NF-TH919/16M-VPI
OFA Cystinuria : Clear # NF-CY1628/17M-VPI
Click here to see Solo's page in the Orthopedic foundation for animals database (OFA)

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