2017 litter

A girl, Abbie, is born june 15, 2017

Am CH Forever Longship's Tsarina - Tsarina

Tsarina is a lovable bitch that is always looking for hugs. While she is a quiet inside the house, she has a tremendous energy outdoors. She enjoys long walks but what she loves the most is spending time with the people she loves.

OFA CHIC: #116280
OFA Hips : Good #NF-12259G27F-VPI
PennHip : RDI = 0,43 LDI= O,38
OFA Elbows : Normal #NF-EL5775F27-VPI
OFA Heart : Normal/Cardiologist #NF-CA5318/18F/C-VPI
OFA Patella : Normal #NF-PA2071/20F/P-VPI
OFA eyes : Normal #EYE198/18F-VPI
Cystinuria : Clear #NF-CY1661/9F-PI
Thyroid : Normal #NF-TH971/32F-VPI

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Am CH Abbie Hills Seafaring Jetsam - Jet

"Jet is a sweet, gentle giant who is just as happy being out on the trail hiking as he is sleeping out on the deck at home. He is goofy and can be quite a ham when he wants something, but usually is calm and sweet. A good watchdog he would not make, as he is as comfortable with strangers as he is with family. He is a rock and doesn't startle or get scared."
- Max White, Jet's owner

OFA Hips : Excellent #NF-12133E24M-VPI
OFA Elbows : Normal #NF-EL5652M24-VPI
OFA Heart : Normal / Cardiologist, Echo #NF-CA5419/25M/C-PI-ECHO
Cystinuria : Carrier

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