If you think adopting a Newfoundland puppy is your next step in life, please fill my online questionnaire. It contains a lot of question but it will help me get to know you and your household and see if the Newfoundland dog is a fit for your family. After your questionnaire filled, I can tell you when I think I will expect my next litter.


If you have submitted an application :

At Arcadia, we do not have an official waiting list, however I will not sell puppies to the first buyers who contacted me and filled my questionnaire. Puppies are sold to people that are the best match, that took the time to communicate with me and are not frustrated by the process. The “official” waiting list is opened when the pups are born, and I am asking people who are interested to reach out to me periodically to update me on things on their end and just to touch base to show their level of interest. If I haven’t heard from a home in months, I will assume that you have moved on. 

I DO NOT sell my puppies on a first come first serve basis. I place them according to how I feel about a home, if they’re ready and communicative and if they put the time in to reach out.